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"I was nervous initially to get my braces as an adult but quickly felt confident and comfortable about the process thanks to the ladies at Cottingham. They were always patient with me and my questions and were just as hopeful and happy with my ending beautiful smile. There is nothing better than finding more confidence and being proud to wear your smile. I’m thankful to Cottingham for giving me just that! 10/10 would recommend! - Vanessa


"For the last two years these Wonderful ladies have taken the best care of me and my teeth they greet you with a smile when you first walk in so you can’t do anything but smile back and Dr. Cottingham is also the absolute best she will have you laughing the whole time while taking care of you and making you feel comfortable they did my braces and now I have the most perfect smile people compliment me all the time they definitely changed my life I’m soooo happy I was recommended to go there for my braces." - Shay


I had a great experience at Cottingham Orthodontics.  Dr. Cottingham was always so excited to see me and the progress I made through the two years I had my braces. Her staff was great and greeted me each time I came in.  My teeth overlapped a great deal from wisdom teeth coming in at an angle and having a narrow jaw.  Although I didn’t think it bothered me, the difference in self-confidence when you have a smile you can be proud of is amazing. If you are thinking about braces, go to Cottingham Orthodontics and get it done.  I did it in my thirties and am glad I did. - Lauren K


"I started my braces journey in 2019 at the age of 29. I didn’t know what to expect but Dr. Cottingham and her staff made sure I was well informed. They made sure I was comfortable with my treatment plan and walked me through every step and answered any questions I had. On top of that, they have always been professional and accommodating. Dr. Cottingham takes time to get to know her patients and always has a smile on her face. I couldn’t have picked a better orthodontist and my smile is amazing!! I have never been this confident in my smile and I owe it to Dr. Cottingham. If I had to do it all over I would pick her again. Definitely recommend!" - Janeia

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